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What cleaning techniques do steel balls have


Burns with fire

Use a stainless steel fork to insert the wire ball, then open the gas stove, and put the wire ball on it to burn it. When burning, be careful not to be too close to the fire, and you cannot burn the wire ball. Burning red wire balls are easy to black and durable. When the entire steel ball is burned by the fire, put it in the pool or the pot is naturally cooled. Be careful not to put it in cold water, otherwise the wire ball is easy to break. After the cooling is cooled, the gently fell a few times, and you can find that the dirt inside has fallen, and then clean it with water.

Practical baking soda clean

Prepare a bowl and put water, soda, and detergent in the ratio of 2: 1: 1. Stir with chopsticks and soak the wire ball in water. After soaking for a while, you can find that many of the dirt in the wire ball have fallen out, and then rinse the steel ball with water, you can see that the dirty things will be rushed out. 

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